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My Concierge LLC consults on a variety of one-time projects.  Some are listed below.

Review of personal papers:

For this project you will need to make some decisions on who will help with your estate plan.  It may require more than one visit. If your estate is large, you may be referred for extra legal help.

Questions for review:

  • Do you have up to date: Will, Power of Attorney, Medical Directive?
  • When did you last review insurance policies and beneficiaries?
  • Did you know. You can prearrange your funeral at no cost?
  • If you are military, do you know where to find your DD214 or how to get it?
  • In an emergency do you know where your important papers are?
  • Can anyone else find them?
  • Do you have an emergency contact list? Is it up to date?
  • Where do you keep your critical documents?  I recommend a fire safe.

We can help you make decisions about getting your important personal documents up to date and create an emergency contact list


Annual Retail Inventory or Cataloging a collection

This project is for the retailer who needs help at year-end or the collector who needs an inventory of their favorite valuables.  Retailers: first come first serve due to time constraints.

My Concierge once worked with a fashion consultant to prepare an inventory of clothing for a lady who had received a large inheritance of fine articles from wealthy relatives. Also experienced with cataloging music and videos.

Video clip(s) inventory for Insurance or Estate Planning

This project involves a walk thru of the home or office with the owner telling the provenance of the items or assets. This could also lead to development of a written list.

Video inventories should be repeated every 5 years and the video kept in a fire safe.


Annual office clean up:

For this project My Concierge will come along side you and make some suggestions on how to have a better organized system going forward.*

Are the things you need daily easy to find?  Is your desk a pile?

  • Vertical files with clear labels make a big difference.

Are your files on the computer hard to locate?

Are your files in the cabinet over flowing?

  • Can you scan paper and eliminate it?
  • What can be tossed?

Help with gathering documents for taxes – this is a good time to clean the files

Help with creating a password list

We can create an index to make it easier to find the important files.


Review of finances to get better cash flow?

For this project you will need bank and credit card statements

Discretionary money is the best place to make a change.  Places to cut costs may be travel and food. You may also adjust some fixed costs by shopping for a better rate on utilities, for example.

We can create a spreadsheet you can understand, customized to your lifestyle.

Personal story:  Our money was tight so I did an impromptu cash flow review.  It was the year gas prices had increased dramatically from $2 to $4 per gal.  I discovered we were spending $600 a month just for gas.  We made some adjustments in the budget and consolidated some trips.


Do you want to live with less credit card debt or eliminate them all together?

This project will involve goal setting and perseverance.  You will choose how much and how fast you want this to happen.

  • If you have the credit card life-style it’s a hard habit to break.  It takes time.
  • If you do not pay off the cards each month, the interest is money lost.  You could be saving that
  • Once you eliminate a card then make a choice to either pay more on the next card or put more into savings.
  • You may decide to make a list of fun things you would like to do with the money you save.

The goal here is to have better cash flow, so you can have less stress.

We can help create a spreadsheet showing all the cards and the interest so you can decide which ones can be paid down.


Setting up a new office and want to do it right?

Let a pro help.

Need office staff support?

Are they to be a receptionist or bookkeeper or more?

My Concierge can help you decide and look for the right person.


Starting a new business and don’t know bookkeeping?

It is very hard to manage money while doing landscaping, construction or retail (for example) if you don’t understand financial reports.

If you are new to running a business, you will be dealing with so much:  marketing, scheduling, inventory, deadlines, regulations, training, taxes.  Whew!  I recommend hiring a competent bookkeeper and consider a payroll company for your employee obligations.  Make a business plan that includes bookkeeping.  Don’t know ho to make a plan, I may be able to help or refer.  SCORE (Service Core of Retired Executives) is a good resource.  You can learn more at or I can help you find a local rep.

My parent is the one who needs help

How do I talk to them about these matters?

Let’s all get together to discuss.  The initial visit is free.


*How long will my project take and how much will it cost?

Your project will be customized to meet your need.

The time and cost will depend on

  1. how organized you already are,
  2. how quickly you make some decisions and
  3. how much you want to take over yourself once you have some training.

Let’s talk.