Hi there and welcome seniors and singles!





You may be here because you are in a time of transition….on a new journey.  Maybe you are newly single or suddenly having to deal with unfamiliar business matters.



My Concierge LLC will customize a plan to meet your need.

  • Do you want to manage your own money but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you want someone to handle and streamline your regular expenses, while providing regular reporting?
  • Are you a Conservator or Executor and needing help with estate accountings?
  • Want to pay bills online?
  • Just need someone to review mail and help pay bills?
  • Not sure you can afford the help you need?  Let’s talk about it.


My Concierge LLC offers practical advice and will customize to meet the need.

Visit the FAQ page to get answers to general questions or email to set up a consultation.

You may also find answers on my Special Projects page.

Dad & me on one of our last outings

Patty worked for 3 lawyers.  While working for the lawyers, she met with clients in their homes to assess their needs.  She handled much of the personal business of 2 wealthy businessmen.  Then she helped her elderly parents with financial and lifestyle decisions. Now she helps people remotely using conference audio and video calling.

Member of the ESVA Chamber of Commerce and Northampton Chamber of Commerce since 2018.  Licensed and insured.