To give or not

Generosity is a wonderful thing. Wise giving is a skill we can learn and hone. Here are some questions to ask yourself at this time of year when many groups are vying for your hard earned income. If the charity has the resources to advertise on TV do they need my money? Can my donation…Read more »

Be like the Squirrels in October

The squirrels are busy gathering.  October is a time to plan for the changing seasons, a time of harvesting, storing and planning ahead of winter. In the financial world, it is also a time to plan as we look at the prior 9 months. It’s good time to review your spending, set next year’s budget.…Read more »

The Perfect Card

Ever go shopping for a card for someone special? It can be so hard to find just the right message.  Then you see it:  the perfect card! My mother-in-law used to get out the same card each year for my father-in-law’s birthday.  She would mark through the date and write the next date on it. …Read more »

The customer is always right

  How many times have you been reminded of this when you are working with a challenging person who wants more accommodation? Or you are the customer not being given good service. Many moons ago I was a long distance telephone operator.  People never saw me, they only heard the tone of my voice.  I…Read more »

Body Double

  No, not the kind in the movies. A colleague told me there is a principal that when a person can not get a job done, having another person around can help provide needed motivation. The principal is referred to as the Body Double. Mom’s naturally do this when they sit with their children and…Read more »