a Little bird said….

My mom used to get tips from that little bird.  She was a Southern Lady.  They did not gossip, they just listened to the birds sing. ;D My new little bird logo will now be a spokesperson for My Concierge LLC. First tip from Little Bird, “Fly High!” You can take that in so many…Read more »

A good index is hard to find

The best cookbook I have ever owned is still The Lily Wallace New American Cookbook.  I inherited it from my mom.  She bought it back in the 1940s when it was first published.  What makes it great is three things:  Delicious-looking color pictures of some of the recipes (color from 1943?  Amazing!) , the comprehensive list of…Read more »

Cash poor no more

I did not learn how to manage money in school.  When I opened my first checking account I had no idea how to balance it, even though statements come with an information page. Nor did I know about living within a budget.  I falsely believed I did not have enough money to do that.  Now…Read more »

Who needs a will?

You do……. …..if you are old enough to be in the military, own property, get married, and/or have children, you should have an estate plan. Your Plan should include at least 3 documents:  a Will, a Power of Attorney and a Medical Directive.   In order to make your plan you will need to decide who you…Read more »