Ways Not to go broke

It is not always possible to make more money, however, a part time job can help Other ways to make a little extra money: Bake and sell bread to friends/neighbors Provide a service such as cutting hair or painting a room Can’t do any of that?  Then look for ways to cut expenses: Do you…Read more »

Conflict Resolution

Most people I know, have struggled in a relationship at some time, be it personal or business.  The best way to solve it is still the Bible way.  (Matthew 18:15-17) First:  go directly to the person.  Try to meet in a neutral  place, like a coffee shop.  Be willing to take some responsibility, if the…Read more »

Take Heart!

“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” -John 16:33b With February 14th on the horizon, I felt the need for some words of encouragement and a few novel ways to celebrate. A member of my family celebrates “Gal-entines” Day, a ladies night out with girl friends. Other ideas:  Send…Read more »

Plan ahead for severe weather

    Prepare ahead for a power outage: Is your cell phone fully charged? Flashlights working? Do you have enough meds, food, water? Communicate with others, but keep conversations short in case someone else is trying to get through Buddy up with a friend or family if your home or theirs is too cold If…Read more »