What to do with all that paper?

  To begin: Start with sticky notes, and color markers as well as plenty of folders and an empty cabinet or some cardboard banker boxes. Create good generic categories like Utilities, Taxes and avoid using brand names that are subject to change. Pay special attention to VIP (very important paper) documents like insurance, business renewals…Read more »

3 Ways to avoid paper piles: FAT

To thin your paper piles, think…. FAT File:  historical or critical documents asap;  Historical things are papers you may need to keep like taxes, as well as special things like family photos.  Critical things include birth certificates, deeds, titles to property. ** Act: prioritize whatever needs immediate attention asap.  For less paper:  Automate monthly bills. …Read more »

Don’t Mess with the IRS

A word to the wise:  The IRS moves slowly.  If a business makes an error in reporting, the IRS may not catch it for a year or 2.  But they may still charge late fees and interest when they finally audit your business. To stay out of hot water pay attention to the following: Income…Read more »

On Giving and Receiving

Give of Time and Talent Giving isn’t always about money.  Spend some time at a senior living facility bringing a little cheer to those who are lonely.  Bake some cookies for a shut-in. Give of yourself. Plan before you shop Plan a gift giving budget and stick to it.  You may also want to start…Read more »