My Concierge LLC not only provides bookkeeping/accounting and organizing to profit-making small businesses, support is also available to non-profits.  Some organizations need help with meeting agendas, minutes and preparation of required annual forms.

I have experience in the non-profit world as well as the for-profit.  I love the service non-profits provide to their communities and working with dedicated volunteers who support their efforts.

Non-profits are different than other businesses. 


The income gets cycled back for the next set of programs.  The governing Board of Directors and much of the day-to-day operations are run by volunteers.  There may also be some paid employees or sub-contractors.

Non-profits file public documents.  The IRS 990 is one annual tax document. Another is the 1120.  Which form, depends upon the activity.  These become public record and published on websites for anyone to review.  Non-profits create by-laws, policies and procedures which are rules by which they operate.  They also publish meeting agendas, minutes and annual reports. They usually conduct meetings using Roberts Rules of Order as their guide.

It is always best to seek help on tax forms from a CPA, however, a very small organization may be able to save money by doing most of the paperwork in-house and asking a CPA for a review afterward.

Do you have some non-profit questions?

Need help completing form?

Need someone to take meeting minutes or help with agendas?

Please contact me for a private consultation.

You may also find answers on my Special Projects and FAQ pages.

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