I will be celebrating 29 – again.  That’s about how old I am on the inside.   I’ve had some interesting experiences in all those 29 plus years.  Please join me on my journey.

Dad was Navy. Mom said he could go anywhere as long as we went along. When I was two it was off to Guam, a little tropical spot in the ocean.  I don’t remember that or the following 2 years in Indiana.  I do remember kindergarten and first grade in Japan. I remember Midori, the lovely school teacher who had a Princess Leah hairdo long before Star Wars.

Konichiwa!”    こんにちは     Hello, Japanese friends and family. A part of me will always feel a little Japanese, which is reflected in my home and lifestyle.  I love the way they keep it simple in their fine art and ikebana flower arranging. They are also some of the politest people in the world.  pexels-photo-210547.jpeg

After Japan, stateside, then there was Pearl Harbor, Oahu, with luaus and hulas and a lot of time at the beach.  What kid wouldn’t enjoy that life!  Too soon it was Aloha Hawaii and off on another adventure.


Thailand was a wonderful tropical climate with friendly people from diverse cultures.  We had friends from Burma and India as well great Thai neighbors. It was in Bangkok where I met the most important person in my life. My parents connected with a group of missionaries.  The missionary adults became surrogate “uncle” and “aunt” family.  Their kids were my friends.  These people taught me to think for myself and make my own decision.  I decided Jesus.  I learned a lot about Buddhism and other beliefs. I read the Koran.  No one measured up to Jesus.  He is now my Master and the Bible is still my favorite book.

In between trips would be 2-year home visits to Virginia or Maryland. I graduated high school in Annapolis MD. Was an art student at St Mary’s College of Md where I got my Mrs. degree when I met David, also a Navy “brat.”  That’s what they call military kids and we wear the “brat” moniker with pride.  We are tough!  We are adaptable. We settle in fast to new situations. We make friends easily.

Went to 14 schools and add to those classes in music, art and sewing, and typing?  Mom wanted me to be well rounded.

Trying new things is something I look forward to.  I never want to miss out on anything.  I like to get up with the sun, no alarm clock needed.  That presented a problem a couple of years ago when I was on summer vacation in the north of Norway.  The sun was up 24/7 and so was I.  I did not sleep for days.  Fishing at 3AM is really fun though.


Norway happened after sharing my faith in an international internet forum.  I met a man from the north of Norway who became my closest friend because of our shared faith in Jesus.  He came to visit us and he invited David and me to his place.  We traveled across the pond and landed near the arctic circle.  We were loaned a car and a lovely family cabin where we could relax. We went deep sea fishing with our friend in the frigid fjØrd waters.  Here in USA we wear lifejackets.  In the brrrrrr North sometimes they wear float suits, so you won’t freeze if you fall in.  Here we are suited up for fishing on a cold day.



We did a lot of fishing.  One day we were bothered by a group of noisy crows.  “Caw….caw….” They were scaring away the fish.  They were annoying.  David looking up suddenly, sighed loudly and said, “Yes,…. Dear.”  Our friend broke up laughing. Norwegians really appreciate good humor.  Dave later explained that is how he always gets in a last word with me. One or the other will still say, “Yes, Dear” when they think I have been talking too much.  Very funny, guys.IMG_0200

During our time in the North we hiked up a mountain and camped overnight. What a beautiful unspoiled wilderness with no snakes, too cold for them. Our friend also took us to a gun range where I fired a hand gun for my first time ever. I hit the bulls eye!  And best of all, the food! His mom cooked us the most delicious dinners and desserts.   Tusen takk! (thanks a lot seems inadequate for such a dream vacation) 281204_246245605388483_2091607_n

With travel comes exposure to customs and languages.  I can greet in French, Spanish, Japanese, and Thai. Sawadi Ka . สวัสดี

I am trying to some learn Norwegian-very challenging.  I am studying another language as I look forward to going to traveling God’s country one day. Some of you may think that’s cross-country USA or Texas, No.  It’s Israel, Call me mashugana-crazy. I am studying a little Hebrew. Shalom!



As an avid shopper, I am good at currency conversion, a skill which helped me get a job for a high-profile businessman. I do wish we all used the metric system though. It’s easier.  And driving in other places, well I am glad to know I have a guardian angel.  My Norwegian friend thinks US traffic is a nightmare.  We should not have taken him through Atlanta at rush hour.

My husband says I am game for whatsoever, just about.  I am blessed to have married a military kid, who could appreciate my wanderlust.  We have bought and sold 5 homes and relocated from Maryland to Virginia.  In the summer of 2017 we sold our home, put our furniture in storage, bought a lot near our favorite US vacation place and moved into our RV.  David will retire and I will continue working while I get to enjoy fishing and the beach at Kiptopeke on the Chesapeake Bay.


As I write this we just put little flags out to mark our beach home. The exciting journey continues.

With all the moving came multiple career changes for me.  David is a chef, so he could do that anywhere.  Before becoming an entrepreneur, I was personal assistant to the late entertainer and Sausage King, Jimmy Dean & his wife Donna.  Worked for Richard Reynolds III the grandson of the Reynolds Metals founder. Was a legal assistant for three lawyers, and Accounting and Technology Coordinator for the Children’s Museum of Richmond. Most favorite past career was as a draftsman for the Bell System and some civil engineering firms.

Since beginning consulting, clients have included, a land developer, a structural engineer, a home restoration contractor, a feng shui organizer, as well as senior folks and their supporters.

My husband David & I have raised 2 children.  Now we are blessed with 2 granddaughters. Can’t wait to share the beach with them, maybe a trip to a far-away place as well.

2018 03 23 cbbt bridge sunrise

My faith:

God directs my journey.  He has given me a passion for helping others manage their resources more effectively.  One of my goals is to help my clients have less stress.  Managing finances and paperwork in a better way may bring more peace into your life.

But if you want real Peace get to know my Jesus.  Then you can go through your journey, and not be so afraid.  You may do that by praying and reading His Word.

My favorite verse:

  • For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Want to know more?

www.biblegateway.com is a great website for Bible research.

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