My Concierge LLC is not just an accounting/bookkeeping office management service.

Virtual and on-site consulting services are also available.


  • Start-up, need help with office admin?
  • Too much paper everywhere? 


  • Elderly folks in transition, not sure how to proceed?
  • Adult children seeking answers and support for parents?


  • Newly single, divorced, or widowed, with limited financial experience?
  • College-age and need to learn how to manage money?


  • Have an annual project such as a mail out?
  • Need some temporary administrative support for projects or events?


  • Want to make a plan to get out of debt?
  • Need help with a Trust or Estate accounting?

If you are answering “yes” to any of the above click here to get immediate help.  Want to know more? Then click on the category title to go to your specific page.  Don’t see your issue above, click and ask.

Not sure you can afford the help?  Let’s discuss getting your cash flow up.


If you want to know about my background and journey to become a consultant with clients ranging from age 30 to 90+ years see below:

When I landed my first real job I was informed I would never have to look for work again.  I was a Bell System employee at C&P Telephone of Maryland.  I could grow in that company; eventually becoming a draftsman, my dream job.  It was an opportunity to use some of my gifts as an artist on special projects, which made me very happy.  But things change, the Bell System split up.  I went to work for a civil engineering companies, still enjoying the opportunity to draw.  Later changes…on to bookkeeping and legal assistant work. I loved working, but was always wanting to learn more, so onward I would go.

On leaving legal work I became Accounting & Technology Coordinator for CMOR, The Children’s Museum of Richmond. Was given the opportunity to take classes at BlackBaud University on Accounting for Non-profits.  My job was AR-Accounts Receivable.  I counted, tracked and reported on all the money coming to the museum.  I oversaw the phone system and supervised IT who worked on the network of computers, too.  We had 40 requiring daily maintenance.  Whew! That job was never boring, but recession cut backs caused me to move on.

One day I answered an anonymous ad in the paper.  The ad said “Family farm needs office manager.  Sounded like a fun place to me.  I got the call.  The lady (Donna Dean) said “Jimmy liked your resume, can you come to the “farm” and meet with us?”  It was a large estate, the home of the late entertainer and Sausage King, Jimmy Dean.  FYI, he was on TV when I was young.  He was also in the Bond movie Diamonds are Forever with Sean Connery.  I learned a lot about Jimmy Dean.  I learned how to do new things like renting a 130 yacht and making all the travel arrangements for it.  I loved Mr. Dean and Donna.

Answered another news ad a fews years later: “Financial Personal Assistant needed with skills in currency conversion.”  I can do that!  I was converting currency as a kid in a world-traveling military family.

The man who called said his name was Reynolds (that’s like saying Smith, so no bells went off). Could I meet him at a hotel lobby for the interview?  Hmmmm. Before heading to the interview I joked to my husband, if I did not come home in 2 hours where to send the cops. 🙂 Halfway through the interview two lightbulbs went off in my head: 1) Reynolds Wrap!  That Reynolds! I was talking with the grandson of the founder Reynolds Metals Corporation; and 2) this was not an initial chat…he wanted to hire me!  Mr. Reynolds was the head of the Reynolds Foundation.  He was involved in investing, charity work, politics and real estate management.  There I learned how to balance investment statements, prepare annual trust accountings, as well as some property management.

Most times I prefer to see the environment where I will work, but in this case the location worked out very well.  My favorite neutral meeting spot is a coffee shop.


It was after working for Mr. Reynolds I decided to go into business for myself.  For many years I had a heart’s desire to help seniors.  Had prior experience with them as a legal assistant.  It was hard for them to come to the office, and they were paying a lot of money to lawyers for things I could do.  I could go to them.  Shortly after I hung out my open for business sign, so to speak, a young entrepreneur asked if I would help him.  I had once worked for his dad.  He was my son’s age.  I expanded to a second focus group.  I could share my skills with small business owners who did not need a full time office worker. Later I would get referrals to a divorcee and a widow with limited experience handling finances.  Now my clients include single women who want to learn to pay their bills online or create Excel sheets to manage information.  It is great to be able to empower others by sharing my skills.

I am once again helping non-profits whose needs and issues are very different from other businesses.

I have been asked how I came to work for famous/rich businessmen:  1) answered the ad listing specific skills; 2) and was able to do the job without a lot of instruction. To keep former employers, now clients, happy there is more:

  • show up and on time.
  • have a strong work ethic.
  • able to quickly zero in on what’s most important and prioritize.
  • use simple universal methods for tracking information.
  • love the work!

Patricia M. Sepety (Patty) of My Concierge LLC will provide a program customized to meet your unique situation.  How can Patty help you?  To find out please go to the contact page and ring her bell! 

Patty’s work history is also found on the My Clients page.

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