The customer is always right

  How many times have you been reminded of this when you are working with a challenging person who wants more accommodation? Or you are the customer not being given good service. Many moons ago I was a long distance telephone operator.  People never saw me, they only heard the tone of my voice.  I…Read more »

Body Double

  No, not the kind in the movies. A colleague told me there is a principal that when a person can not get a job done, having another person around can help provide needed motivation. The principal is referred to as the Body Double. Mom’s naturally do this when they sit with their children and…Read more »

October 15th

Are you ready for fall?  Back to school?  Back to work?  Upcoming deadlines? October 15th is the deadline for filing USA IRS taxes to avoid penalties and late fees.  That does not mean you should wait until that very last day.  It takes time to gather the paperwork to be ready for your CPA or tax…Read more »

Life After

death, divorce, job loss, bankruptcy or any other kind of loss.  If you garden or farm you can understand that the corn kernel must be fully dried up before planting.  Then it can reproduce many more ears, but under certain conditions. What are the conditions for positive change after loss?  I love how God teaches…Read more »

How to eat a paper elephant…

…one bite at a time. *** “Oh, I would hate for you to see my office!” “What would you do with paper from the 1950’s?” The implication is I would be shocked or overwhelmed. I would like to tell all the folks who say things like that, I don’t look at the clutter through their…Read more »

Never fear when retirement is near

Seniors and their families sometimes worry about not having enough money for retirement; or worse running out of money for long-term care. First and foremost it is important to remember that when one retires, not only is their income reduced, their expenses may go down as well. Less gas is needed to travel to/from work.…Read more »