Avoiding the bug**

  I have been trying to avoid writing about this.  Don’t want it to be a priority in my life.  But that is being in denial.  So here is the reality and our way of coping.   My husband and I have not been face to face with family since Christmas.  (it is May now).…Read more »

I received the most beautiful gift

  Sometimes we just need to stop and enjoy something lovely.  I was feeling cooped up and missing extended family.  Then I got a very special text message.  It was a video clip of my daughter playing a classical piano piece.  She is now teaching her daughter to play.  Homeschool is going much better. 🙂…Read more »

Virtually Yours

  I have updated my website to let my clients know I have gone totally virtual. I used to visit clients in their homes and offices.  Now in 2020 it will be totally remotely working. I have years of experience working this way, so it’s not a big adjustment for me. It may be for…Read more »