Card fees, Bank fees, Late fees….whoosh!

Photo by Nita on

I have heard it said that bank fees, credit card fees, even late fees are “the cost of doing business.”

Not so! That’s money you are blowing away like the picture above! It’s right up there with leaving the door open in winter and paying to heat the-out-of-doors. Think about it next time you yell at the kids for leaving a door open. You, too may be leaving a door open for your hard earned money to fly. Whoosh! ;D

So what do you do?

Think of it as a bad habit one needs to break. It will take time and perseverance. Start with one card or account and see improvement to be encouraged to move forward.

Make a plan to use the money saved to do pay down another card and use a little as a fun reward.

Hire a competent bookkeeper who can help monitor those payments. Give that person some incentives like a gift or bonus once your cash flow improves.

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