Whom the Lord sets free

Letting go is hard work,

but so worth the effort.

It can take different forms:

Decluttering a home

Giving away clothes that don’t fit

Giving up a home or a vehicle

There may be sense of loss but there may also be that release from what was holding back….

What about people?

I don’t let people go easily because I used to move so often. When I made a friend I wanted that relationship to last. As I grew older I realized some friends came and went with the job. Others would last; and that was a lovely surprise.

Even family sometimes needs to be set free so they can grow and so can we. I miss some friends and family because they have left this life; others because we no longer communicate. But I am blessed to have some great long-term relationships. Those are special because they have stood the test of seeing me at my worst, as well as my best. I can love them in that same way: I know them just as they know me.

Have you had to set someone free?

I know it’s hard. I lost my Dad to Alzheimer’s long before he left the planet in 2011. He was not only my father, he was my confident and best friend. But he was in pain and now he is free.

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