Life Changes and minimizing loss

Loss may take many forms:

Obvious one being the death of a loved one.

Still missing my friend Lee who was a part of my life for 40 years. Keep those special memories alive with an album. Lee was a great picture saver.

Job loss. Lost a couple of clients due to the pandemic travel and contact issues. Miss seeing them.

Sending a personal update can help. Now getting ready to reconnect with a gift shop that recently reopened.

Damaged property: lost my convertible some years ago in a big accident. Still miss my cute car. Not so much now. That was easily replaced.

Fire loss: fire property damage can make one feel vulnerable.

Make sure you have good insurance and pictures saved offsite. A video is even better. Back up your computer on the cloud or with a thumb drive you keep at a different location.

Some unexpected blessings in loss:

In 2020 I discovered staying home enabled saving on travel expenses and eating out. I became a better shopper when I shopped online and avoided impulse buys. Not traveling as much gave me an opportunity to enjoy my garden and spending time with my spouse who is retired. I was able to connect socially via calls remotely.

I grew up in a constant state of change due to my military family so I became adaptable at an early age. I feel for others who are suddenly so traumatized by all the changes. If you cannot cope, a support group is a good place to start. Realize you are not alone. Someone out there is experiencing something similar.

Yes, 2020 has been a life-changing experience. Had the opportunity to make some lemonade out of some lemons. Hope you do too.

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