STAY SAFE AT HOME and age in place

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I hate HATE admitting I am a senior, but it’s true.  To that end, I need to think about the future with my spouse if and when we need extra help.

In March 2020 many rehab and nursing facilities suddenly went on lockdown.  You could not get in or out.  I would be devastated if my spouse or I were separated like that.  The longer we can be at home the better off we are.

We decided to modify our bathroom to an “age-in-place” “accessible” space.  The tub had to go.  Or did it?

If you cannot afford an expensive full remodel Here is an alternative.  I researched and found an inexpensive way to modify my tube.  I have purchased a chair and grab bars, too.  Here is a website that may help the senior in your life stay safe at home.

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