Boundaries for work & study at home

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Whether you are working from home or doing school work it’s important to get the job done and not feel frustrated by blurred boundaries.

I have some personal techniques that help me:

I keep work or study separate by leaving my cell phone at my desk during dinner time which is in another room (don’t eat where you work unless it’s just a snack)

I also take my laptop out of my office if I am using it for fun stuff like shopping or sharing a website with my spouse.

Set regular work hours.  If I see a work email on my phone on the weekend, I either wait until Monday to respond, or when I write my reply it is scheduled it to go out Monday.  That keeps others mindful of my schedule and less likely to infringe once they know I am only available at set times.

I keep work area and social area separated.  Working in the bedroom is not good for sleep.

I take regular breaks.  I learned many years ago I was more productive if I walked away from my desk for at least two 15 minute intervals and one 30 minute (or more) lunch break during the day.

On a personal note:  I am very blessed to be quarantined with my best friend of many years.  My husband is a peaceful retired chef and artist who likes to work on his projects in his shop and still likes to cook great meals.  We split up housework, yard work and paperwork many years ago.  I do the paperwork and we share other duties.  Others may not have it so easy, so developing those boundaries is also important.  Menus, and schedules can help. Still struggling in the home relationships?  There are now a lot of virtual counselors available too.

Stay safe and healthy. 🙂


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