Open in VA…

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Never had to close my doors. My heart goes out to those who did. Was able to go totally virtual.

Did your paperwork get behind during all the quarantine? I can help.

Most office administrative work can be done without a lot of personal interaction. In fact, it works better when you simply give the pile to the competent worker who gets down to business.

What about help decluttering?

Consulting may be done with a zoom chat.

What about gathering documents for CPA?

No need to sort…Send me your pile. You may be saving a lot of paper you don’t need. Paper is a distraction and too much causes stress. I will be happy to get it off your desk and on to your computer. I can email you back the files.

I will scan and organize on a spread sheet, saving money from what the CPA would charge to do the same thing.

Need a bookkeeper but feel it’s too expensive?

My services are less expensive than hiring an employee.

I work part time. You only pay for hours actually worked.

Call today for a complimentary consultation.

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