Financial Blog 3 of 3 -managing the paper piles

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I see a lot on Pinterest of how to organize your files.


Once you make those pretty folders, getting the paper actually put away is the hardest part.  Even I can procrastinate and must remind myself to do it.  When something “lost” it could be in the pile.  More importantly, bills may be paid late because they are in the pile.

I pay bills for other people.  It’s my job to ensure they are paid on time.  Some are due monthly, while others are quarterly or annually. And all my clients pay different bills.

How do I keep track of several clients’ bills all due at different times, for different things?

So glad I asked?

  • I have dated spreadsheets for each client which I update regularly.
  • I post pay days on their calendar and mine.
  • Some bills I auto pay, but that means their account must have sufficient cash, so that’s more monitoring.
  • In the past I worked for a couple of folks who had multiple credit cards.  Those require an additional spreadsheet.


Have you had to start helping someone else or managing a family estate?  Need help keeping track?

That’s just one more affordable thing a part-time full-service bookkeeping consultant can do for you.  Let’s get started. Click here for an appointment.



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