We see those commercials on monitoring and improving credit score.  Unless you are buying a house or taking out a car loan, why bother monitoring your credit all the time?




You should consider reducing credit card debt and living within your means.  Once you get the cards under control, you will be able to save money and have better cash flow.


It’s a great feeling to go on a trip and not come home to a big new bill.  I know because I took an expensive overseas trip and did not owe anyone when I got back.  I enjoyed my adventure and had no buyers remorse later.  I also saved money to buy a good used car with cash.  My older model Lexus (you heard right-top of the line car) runs great.  Buying a better car means less maintenance later too.

A couple of ways to do improve your credit are:
1. Pay your bills on time;
2. Don’t have too much outstanding debt;
3. Don’t keep a lot of zero balance cards open.
4. There may be more ideas out there; ask a lender.
5. Finally, make a decision to reduce debt by paying off the cards and closing the accounts. You will be glad you did and your cash flow will improve. I know from experience.

6.  One more thing-it’s good to have something to dream about so:  set a goal of something you want like a great vacation or more reliable transportation.

dreaming charming black woman leaning on table
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Need help getting making a plan and getting started. Click here.

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