Are you prepared for emergency?

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To either: Shelter in place or Evacuate?


This could be due to the weather or difficulty with travel

Do you have dry goods and canned foods to last a while?

Do you have sufficient medications?

What is your plan if the power is down?


How will you secure your property? Is there time to do that?

This could mean turning off water and boarding up windows.

Where will you go?

What will you take?

Who will you notify?

How will you communicate?

When will you leave?

If you are leaving because of a hurricane or flooding, don’t wait until the storm is coming or the traffic is bad.

A couple of suggestions:

  1. purchase a solar charger for your phone
  2. keep an emergency radio for news updates
  3. have a printed phone/address list in the event your phone is not working
  4. keep a current list of medications in your wallet
  5. keep some emergency cash in case the banks are closed
  6. update your emergency travel bag seasonally with at least a week of clothing
  7. Communicate with family/friends ahead so they know where they might find you and when to expect you.

The Red Cross has additional emergency preparedness information to help you be prepared.

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