Overwhelmed with bills… too? BLOG 1 of 3

overworked adult female entrepreneur with papers in light modern office
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Too?!  We are bombarded with bad news.  Many feel isolated, frustrated and fearful.  Getting back control of at least one area of life can help manage those negative feelings.

I reviewed my finances recently after losing a couple of long term clients and discovered I was not doing so bad.  Why?  Because I was not spending money on travel and eating out.  It was time to adjust my budget to my new reality.  Once I did so I felt better.  I want to help others feel better too.

I am sure many people are feeling overwhelmed financially.  I used to feel that way until I did something about it.

I made a decision not to overspend my income and to work on eliminating debt.


Maybe you are a business person who cannot afford a full time bookkeeper and need help getting better organized financially. 

Or are you an individual suddenly faced with new financial issues?  

Who can afford a full service bookkeeper in these challenging times? 

As a part time consultant and full service bookkeeper, My Concierge LLC can get you back on track and in better control of your cash flow without breaking the bank on administrative costs.

Ways My Concierge LLC can help you de-stress:

  1.  Identify which bills are the highest priority
  2.  Help identify ways to save money or cut costs
  3.  Provide letter writing support to creditors
  4.  Help create a log, you can understand, for better money management
white graphing paper
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I am so glad I no longer need to use a tedious handwritten ledger like the one above to track financial information. Excel took me to the next level and many years later it is still my best choice as a partner for other bookkeeping software.

If you need to use Excel and don’t know how, My Concierge LLC is here to do it for you.  I can set up a sheet you can use to track your financial information.  Prefer Apple Numbers or Google Sheets?  Not a problem.  We can work together using your favorite platform.  Support for bookkeeping software is also available.

Private virtual sessions are available.  Click here to request an appointment.

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