Avoiding the bug**

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I have been trying to avoid writing about this.  Don’t want it to be a priority in my life.  But that is being in denial.  So here is the reality and our way of coping.


My husband and I have not been face to face with family since Christmas.  (it is May now). When we mention a visit, our daughter, is quick to reiterate in detail her concern for unwittingly making her elderly parents sick.  She is a scientist, so she goes into a college level lecture on the consequences, with big words that need defining.  She knows about all those itty bitty germs no one can see – a little *humor here- while I roll my eyes.  “Yes, yes, I know, I know!” (I did not say that out loud) As I listen I remember how proud we are of her and the hard work she did learning all that stuff.  (Note to self:  send a kid’s microscope so homeschooling the little one can be more fun).

We never put ourselves in that “elderly” category before. Don’t like it, but we do need to face reality.  If my husband or I become ill it would be bad and possibly deadly.  So we seldom go anywhere. If we need something from the store only one of us goes very early in the morning with mask and wipes in hand.  That was when I started this blog.  Now I have food delivered since the bug** is suddenly more prevalent where I live.

How to handle it?

  • Prayer.
  • Talking with friends on the phone or via the Internet
  • Writing notes to people.  Letter writing takes longer than email but says so much more.  Be sure to spray it with Lysol and seal with tape.  NO LICKING :). I never used to think like that. 😦
  • Blogging.  Even if no one reads or comments you have an outlet, just ask me. ;D
  • Going outside in our yard.  The corn grew a 1/4″ yesterday’; or maybe that’s a weed.  Better wait till it gets bigger and I know for sure.
  • Realizing there will be meltdowns when one is under stress for an extended period.  We have been homebound for much longer than anticipated.  Even after the restrictions are lifted, not sure we will feel safe around others.
  • Ordering delivery.  It takes much longer to get non-essentials now.  By the time it gets here I have forgotten what I ordered. It’s fun seeing what actually arrived.  Groceries can be fun too, if you allow them to substitute.  I am learning to enjoy all the other brands, when what a really wanted is in short supply.  Still waiting for the TP to arrive.  I don’t even care what brand they bring.  Could some of you stop hoarding?  Oh, if you never ordered food online it’s quite an experience once they begin to fill your order.  I got text messages while my personal shopper worked on my behalf. ‘We are substituting ….’  ‘We are out of ______ so we are refunding blah blah.’  My phone dinged for an hour with those messages. 🙂
  • Avoiding the news and even the “we’re all in this together” infomercials where they try to be sympathetic so we will buy their product or watch their program.  If anything really important happens, I am sure they will interrupt my favorite show. 😦
  • Donate to a food bank
  • Doing something fun:  I garden and my husband enjoys arts and crafts.
  • Volunteering:  there are some things you can volunteer for remotely:  making masks, calling shut-ins (oh, wait!  That’s me. :D)
  • *Humor.  Laughter can lighten up the stress, so I hope I am forgiven about my lecture comments.
  • Forgiveness-since I mentioned it… that’s a great gift from Above, especially now.  Let go of stuff.  Count your blessings. Let others off the hook.  Your days will go better.

**I am not in denial any more but I refuse to give it the dignity of a name.  That’s my rebellious side showing. An itty bitty bug changed my life, but ya can’t keep a good blogger down for long.  😀

Stay well. 🙂

PS We have a group of volunteers where I live that is doing deliveries for shut ins at no cost.

RE the “we’re all in this together” infomercials.  I saw a tweet from a celebrity who remarked those people are able to work from home and get paid to do those.  Shame on them!  😦

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