How are you adapting?

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Remember the good old days? 

A rushed breakfast and everyone out the door?  Did you do your homework?  Do you have your lunch?  Don’t forget your sweater? Whew!  Now I can go to work.

Not any more.  Now, it’s a very different world.  Trying to work from home or worse, laid off.  Kids, the spouse, the family pet under foot all day.  Everyone vying for attention and internet time.  Zoom and Skype calls.

I don’t have kids at home, but my daughter does.  It’s very taxing keeping a young child engaged while trying to work.  I do have a retired spouse who decided to do laundry in the middle of a group Zoom I was on.  I had to mute myself due to all the background noise.  I see people on business zoom with family members sneaking in the background or hear a dog barking.  Sometimes it’s amusing.  It can also be annoying.

How are you coping and adapting?

  • The best way to handle a challenge is to get organized.
  • Make a schedule.
  • Make a list.
  • Get everyone in your home on board.
  • Delegate chores.  Get the kids on meal prep and yard work.  Don’t exclude them from your financial struggle.  They need to feel useful and not in the way.  They may be able to help clean out a closet and find ways to conserve.  They may have good ideas.
  • Catch your family members doing something good.  I heard that somewhere.
  • Find ways to use positive speech:  “Use your inside voice” instead to “Stop shouting!”  “Use your walking feet instead” to “No running in the house!”
  • Be kind to your family and friends, we are all struggling in different ways.
  • Expect some melt downs and be a caring listener.
  • Don’t expect to always be a problem solver.  Preaching to myself here.  Recently saw a counselor offer online sessions.  Great idea!  We need her kind of adapting.

Some other ways I have adapted:

  • I leave the cell phone in the office when I take a lunch break at the table with my spouse.
  • I go outside for a walk when I need to chill for a bit.
  • I try to avoid working in off hours unless it’s absolutely necessary
  • I give myself permission to feel upset and room to breathe
  • I pray for others who are struggling, especially the littlest children, who feel our our anxiety and may not understand why

Hope you are staying safe and able to have some peaceful days at home


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