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  1. Make sure you have a good connection
  2. Be on time. Don’t make the meeting leader wait for callers who promised they would be part of the group.  Have a setback and will be late?  Then let someone know.
  3. If you are the key or lead speaker, plan and write your agenda and stick to it
  4. If you are the host, make sure your invitation is easy to understand. Provide an alternate text number for issues.
  5. Plan ahead, make an appointment as if you were visiting an office. Set a calendar reminder so you don’t forget. Some conferencing will do that for you.
  6. RSVP in advance if invited to a teleconference, so the host knows who to expect
  7. Turn off or mute your other devices
  8. Identify yourself. Some call-ins only show a number making it hard for the host to know who is online
  9. Mute yourself when not speaking or the host may do this for you.
  10. Be patient. There may be a time delay, so be careful not to talk over or interrupt
  11. Be respectful (should go without saying)
  12. Check your background and lighting. Check your picture, you may need to close a curtain or move a lamp
  13. Keep chat posts short and clear
  14. Stay on topic. If you want to discuss something not on the agenda ask permission of the host or key speaker.  It may be that your “new business” should be deferred for a later time.
  15. Be aware of the time constraints and keep your comments short
  16. Give some helpful feedback afterward if asked. What did you like most? Least? What questions do you still have?
  17. Still not sure of how to get your point across or some point of order? Read and apply: Roberts Rules of Order.


NOTE:  If you are conducting a large group meeting it may be best to have a lead/key speaker and a moderator/host.  The speaker can direct the meeting while the host can keep watch over who would like an opportunity to participate as well as help anyone having an issue signing in or muting.

PS.  If working from home, you may need to lock that door. 😀

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