String One and String Two


red and white floor
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When I began this blog I was reminded of a very mischievous fellow with a red and white striped hat.  He had 2 equally wild friends he brought along for added crazy fun.  So I will parody on the friends of the Cat:

String one:

You must rehire your employees immediately to get “loan forgiveness”. What it’s not a grant or a gift?

String two:

You may “defer” payroll taxes.  Huh?!  That’s not your money!  You hold in trust the money of your employees.  If you choose this option it may be a slippery slope.

Read the fine print, read between the lines.  Remember those who say they are trying to help are getting paid to encourage you to continue to spend.  That’s how they make a living.

Don’t spend what you do not have: STRING ONE. 

Don’t spend what is not yours: STRING TWO.

In a prior blog I write of ways to be more self sufficient.  We need to depend on each other, not our old crazy rich Uncle, who will want his money back sooner than you think.


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