Before you go for the credit


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Today April 1 is when rent or mortgage is typically due.  Many people have been furloughed, lost jobs or had to at least temporarily close a business.


First impulse is to use credit or get a loan.  Consider some alternatives:


  1.  Write a letter to your creditors asking them to permit lower payments or to defer a payment
  2. Prioritize your most important expenses:  First is the roof over your family’s head. Least is unsecured debt. ( I can help with this)
  3. Ask lenders to lower their rates
  4. Look at ways to save money by cutting back on some discretionary spending.  Discretionary would be things that are not essential.
  5. Change to generic brands.  There may be a $3 difference in detergents for example.
  6. Look for ways to save on utilities.  Can you turn down the heat or make sure lights are off when not needed?
  7. Contact the TV or Cell company to see if you can find a more economical plan.  Sometimes if you change companies that can save.  Or if you suggest you may change, you current company may offer you an incentive to stay.
  8. Medical bills maybe deferred without affecting credit rating and some companies may offer to lower the bill if you ask.
  9. Look at health and other insurance plans for better rates.  Change your deductible.
  10. Look at getting a part time job.
  11. Cook at home.  Buy the whole chicken.  It’s cheaper.
  12. Make a grocery/shopping list and stick to it.
  13. Grow a garden.  This takes a while but will help make your family healthier as well as save on fresh produce costs. It’s a good whole family project.
  14. Get a hobby that sells.  Bake and sell bread for example.
  15. Provide a service that sells.  Sewing for others, cleaning etc.

These are a few ideas.  You may discover more as you try some.   Pick the ones that fit you best.

I once wrote amusing an amusing anecdote.  It was published and I got paid.  Got a funny story?  It could be worth something.

Need help with contacting those companies or writing letters?  Please contact me.

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