Going virtual-it’s not so hard

woman in wooden table using computer behind white wall
Photo by La Miko on Pexels.comI have been remote working for several years and it has been a great experience.







We are creatures of habit. Change is scary.  But change is needed now.  If you are not already teleworking, this message is for you.



How is it possible to get it done if you are not in a physical office?

I asked this question.  It was before all the self-quarantine became a reality.  I was hired to work for a company that did not have a physical office.  Everything was in the cloud.  They talked by email or phone.  The company was well-run.

The most amazing thing?  This was not a silicon valley group of young folks.  Most were old enough to join the AARP.  Some of us had been invited to join multiple times. (a little senior humor…you gotta be over 50 to get it). I guess I should explain for those of you who may not have been solicited by AARP.  When you hit 50, they send you an invitation to become a member. If you ignore the invite, every year after you get the notice.  Someone once asked my age. My reply,  “I am old enough to join the AARP, ” but I did not tell them how many times I’d been invited. ;D

Back to going virtual:

All it takes is ingenuity and good technology.

I have a speed scanner, a good internet provider, and some cloud-based sharing. With Skype or FaceTime I can go virtually anywhere.  I can remote into an office computer to do bookkeeping.  I can pay bills online.  I can offer consulting to a small business.

PROS:  The benefits to the worker:  home cooked lunches; fresh air whenever you want it; more time with family; less stressful commuting, saving on gas and dining out; better health.

CONS:  You may need to provide some of your own equipment; you may get less company benefits.

PROS: The benefits to the company:  better moral; improved efficiency; less sick days, saving money, a bigger profit margin.

CONS: You will need to trust workers you can’t see.  You need to develop ways to monitor hours worked.

Think your organization can’t do it?  Try doing it temporarily 2 days a week and rotating who teleworks.  It might surprise you.  Even doctors do virtual office visits now.

It is time for more companies and individuals to join the virtual movement.  I can help.

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