Love it or…







There is a program on TV where the couple must decide to stay in a renovated home or buy a new one.



Working relationships can be the same.  Do we stay with what we know even if it is not the perfect solution or venture into uncharted waters?

When we moved two years ago, we were forced to find new health care professionals, a new car guy and change other familiar things.

A few pros and cons of change:

You get a different perspective

You may miss your old relationship (or really like the new one)

It could cost more (or less)

When folks approach me who are considering switching bookkeepers I want to know why:

What is not satisfactory?

I am always happy to sit with a prospective client and hear about their situation.  Sometimes I believe they are just fine and need a little perspective.  Sometimes I am glad they want to pick me.  Have a concern?  Let’s talk.

P.S.  We got some great referrals and generally happy with the changes we made.



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