Starting a business? Good service is a must.

Do you remember when you went to get gasoline and some guy came out of the building and asked to fill your tank?  He then checked the oil and washed the windows?  Or in the store when someone would come and help you shop?  Bring you shoes to try on after helping you measure your feet?  Boy am I old!

I love sitting in a restaurant and having the server bring me food and take the dishes.  I try to always be a good tipper for 2 reasons:  servers don’t make much money and good personal service is becoming rare.

My favorite businesses are the ones that provide the best possible service.

Often new businesses try to cut corners on office administration and bookkeeping. That can affect customer service too.  If you cannot correctly track payments, you may over bill.  Your customers may become dissatisfied and go elsewhere.

New owners may purchase accounting software, but have no idea how to use it. It is wise to spend a little extra on some good consulting at the start.  A full charge bookkeeper can help set up a better filing system as well as offer good money management tools.  It’s worth the money to seek professional help before you get in over your head.  You will have less stress and be able to provide a better service to your customers no matter what type of business you operate.

While I don’t expect tips, I am a full service bookkeeper.  (also called “full charge”) Full service means I not only write checks and update a register; I also provide reports and help people manage money thus providing a better overall service.

Thinking of starting a business? Plan for good consulting in your start-up costs.  I can help.


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