Financial consulting for newbys

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It seems so easy, just get that debit card and go: check balances online, go paperless, go auto pay.  How do we manage our money so as not to get in debt?

  • Are you getting married or newly wed? 

Trying to work out finances with a new person who may not have the same priorities can be a challenge.

  • Just moved out on your own? 

Whether you are a young adult, divorced or widowed, if you never managed your own money you need some help.

  • Trying to help a senior family member with finances? 

Mom or Dad finally let you see their financials, but it looks a lot different than yours. Hmmm.  Where do you start?

  • An executor of an estate? 

You may be fine at your own money management, but this is a big responsibility and others will be watching.  You may need help to get it right and with the emotional aspect of the circumstance.

  • Starting a business with no bookkeeping experience?   

Bookkeeping should be part of your business plan.  A business plan is a must if you plan to be successful.

Whether you are an individual or a small business,

My Concierge LLC can help you:

  1. set up a checking or savings account
  2. read statements & balance your account
  3. set up a budget or business plan
  4. learn to pay your bills online
  5. read retirement or portfolio statements
  6. understand financial reports such at Profit & Loss


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