Are you making progress?


A couple of summers ago my husband and I walked up a Norwegian mountain with some friends.  It was 5 hours of struggle.  Who knew you could sweat so much so near the arctic circle.  At the top I rested, reflected and looked at how far I had come.

At this time of year we reflect on the past and look to the New Year.  Sometimes we make frustrating resolutions which are soon broken or forgotten.

If you are a business owner you take inventory of stock  and assets.  You review your year end financials.

Are you making progress?

This is a good time to look back at the journal of your life and take inventory.

Do you have peace in your circumstances?

Should you add some new activity or omit something that’s not helping?

I face the future with optimism.  That means giving myself some encouragement about how far I have come.

You have probably come a long way too.


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