Senior Abuse Intervention

photo of elderly man walking on pavement
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While my dear Daddy had Alzheimers, he never lost his charm, or the “twinkle,” as his nurse would say.  When mom died he had “girl friends” at the elderly home.  Sometimes they fought to sit next to him.  But there was one who whacked him on the leg with her cane in my presence.  Daddy winced, but never said a word.  I shared this with a relative.  They responded, “if she would do that in public she may do worse in private.”  I moved him to a better environment away from her and the negligent care givers who permitted this. I intervened.

I was asked to visit an elderly man to help with his finances.  I saw his caregiver writing herself checks.  I reported the financial abuse to the family.

A friend saw that her parent was losing weight and realized he was not being fed. He was also getting bed sores.   A bedridden patient needs to be moved at least every 2 hours.  Bed sores, bruises and not eating should be reported to family. Her parent was being neglected. There was more than one staff member, and no one was reporting to his daughter.

What you can do:

  • Ask for weekly updates
  • Visit often and at different times
  • Eat with your elderly loved one
  • Check on their financial status regularly
  • Be a part of educating others such as church groups

Elder abuse comes in different forms: mental, physical, financial.  If you suspect it, report your concerns.  If your situation is urgent call the police or adult protective services.  Here is a resource for understanding better and reporting:

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