Oh taste and see

group of friends making toast
Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com

Recently at a new friend’s place and they offered me some choices of unfamiliar things.  I said, “surprise me.”

I enjoy going shopping with a new friend, especially grocery shopping.  Or having a different home-cooked meal.  These are opportunities to get new recipes and try something different.  It is an opportunity to encourage someone else by trusting them enough to try their style of cooking or their recipe.

It’s not always about food, it can be a different way to approach a project or solve a problem.

Especially during holidays we expect familiar things and traditions, but sometimes something new can bring a delightful surprise. We have opportunities to learn when we get out of our comfort zone.

I am thankful for the new people, the new things, the new opportunities, a year full of learning.

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