How to have Holiday Peace

sunflowers in churn
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

I remember holidays full of high expectations and obligations, often too much to enjoy.

  • Shopping
  • Spending
  • Cleaning
  • Baking
  • Traditions
  • Hurrying to events
  • Scheduling visits with friends and relatives
  • Deadlines for mailing cards and gifts

What should be a fun experience may become overwhelming.

  • Plan ahead –
    • Decide in advance what events are most important to you
    • Budget your time as well as your money
    • Consider changing a tradition
    • who do you want to reconnect with or visit
  • Simplify –
    • Less decorating means less clean up later
    • Less overspending can lower stress later
    • Shorten the guest and gift list
    • Ask others to help
  • Ask yourself –
    • what do you really want to do
    • learn to say “no” when it’s just too much
  • Some feel a sense of loss and loneliness –
    • Be sensitive, listening to your own heart and to others
    • Call a friend or write a note.  It is so lovely to get mail that is not a bill.

My mother was a planner, a note writer and a great communicator.  She wrote notes to the lonely.  She put anonymous money in cards and left them at church for a poor widow friend.  She called the out-of-towners.  She baked for the sick.  She made lists of her holiday menus.  She planned well.  I don’t remember her ever being down on the holidays because her focus was on others.



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