To give or not

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Generosity is a wonderful thing.

Wise giving is a skill we can learn and hone.

Here are some questions to ask yourself at this time of year when many groups are vying for your hard earned income.

  • If the charity has the resources to advertise on TV do they need my money?
  • Can my donation be matched to achieve better results?
  • Will my money go directly to the need?
  • What percentage goes to overhead?
  • Is the group asking local?
  • Can I see what happens with my gift?
  • Is my donation tax deductible? This is a question for your tax preparer.

There are charity monitoring groups like Guidestar & Charity Navigator that may help you check out your charity.  If it is a smaller local group, you can always visit your State’s website to see if they are registered to raise funds.

Incorporated non-profits, who do fundraising, make annual tax reports that are public information.  Here is a website where you can check out your favorite charity.✓&q=&state%5Bid%5D=VA&ntee%5Bid%5D=&c_code%5Bid%5D=


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