Be like the Squirrels in October

acorns autumn background beautiful
Photo by Pixabay on

The squirrels are busy gathering.  October is a time to plan for the changing seasons, a time of harvesting, storing and planning ahead of winter.

In the financial world, it is also a time to plan as we look at the prior 9 months. It’s good time to review your spending, set next year’s budget.

  • Do you have enough deductions? There is still time to do some giving or purchase something deductible.
  • What can you afford for the holidays and stay on track financially? It’s easier to stay away from overspending with credit, if you know what your budget is.
  • Can you save a little more?  If you have a surplus, then squirrel some away for later.

Plan ahead, then you won’t be nuts when expenses come unexpectedly.

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