Are you prepared for the Weather?

photography of rainbow during cloudy sky
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As bad weather approaches do you know where your important papers are?

Do you know what papers you need in an emergency?

What else do you need?

Some helpful tips:

  • Keep some cash on hand for food and gas when banks are closed and the atm may not work
  • Use a small fireproof safe for valuables.  Some weigh 35 lbs and can be put in the car should you need to evacuate.
  • Keep proper identification with you:  driver’s license, passport, medical cards
  • Have a contact list with your family/friends, insurance and doctors on it
  • Have a list of your meds and at least a week’s supply with you
  • Talk to family and friends about your plan:  where you will go, where to meet later
  • Know where your nearest shelter is located

For more information visit the Red Cross website.  Here is a list of item for an emergency survival kit:


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