The customer is always right

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How many times have you been reminded of this when you are working with a challenging person who wants more accommodation?

Or you are the customer not being given good service.

Many moons ago I was a long distance telephone operator.  People never saw me, they only heard the tone of my voice.  I was evaluated on that tone.  To further date myself I also handled emergency calls.  By the sound of my voice, I learned how to calm the frantic caller as well as the angry business person, who had just lost an important connection. I learned I could be more effective if I stayed calm and kind no matter how they behaved.

Things to consider:

Are you being polite? 

  • Kindness and respectfulness may achieve positive results faster and easier in many cases.

Can you be more flexible? 

  • Maybe you are right, but could you do a work-around to satisfy the need?

When writing letters or emails:

  • consider your words carefully
  • have someone else review before sending
  • realize the recipient cannot hear your tone
  • get all the facts first
  • if you are angry, wait a day or longer
  • see who was copied on the message you received
  • consider not copying or involving too many others
  • even considering not responding at all!  Sometimes best to ignore rudeness.
  • the written word may have longer impact than the spoken

Don’t be afraid to report a professional who may need training to improve their communication skills or other aspects of their work.  Their company needs to know.

It is also very important to recognize someone who has gone beyond the norm to help you.

I wrote a blog a while back to address some other aspects of customer service:

When the Professional Isn’t

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