Never fear when retirement is near

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Seniors and their families sometimes worry about not having enough money for retirement; or worse running out of money for long-term care.

First and foremost it is important to remember that when one retires, not only is their income reduced, their expenses may go down as well.

  • Less gas is needed to travel to/from work.
  • Less eating out, which can be a huge savings.
  • Health may improve when there is less work stress.
  • There is less need for work wardrobe updates.
  • If one moves to a facility, then home maintenance costs may be reduced or eliminated if the home is sold.
  • And my favorite:  the senior discount!  Many menus have senior prices and hotels offer discounts to the elderly too.

Good things to know:

There are retirement facilities that will accept Social Security as payment if that is all the income available.

When planning to go to a facility in Virginia where I live, in many cases, one is only required to show income for 3 months.

If one is able to continue working after hitting a certain age then Social Security may not be reduced.  This is based on year of birth, so check on the Social Securtiy website for the rules.

There are legal provisions for caring for the elderly. Elder Care lawyers specialize in helping the elderly and their families navigate the system, making sure they get the benefits they need to enjoy those latter years.  A consultation with a lawyer may help bring peace to your circumstances.

You worked hard to get to this point in life.  Enjoy those sunsets!

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