a Little Bird told me to: “Back up!”

photo of two birds flying under orange sky
Photo by Rodrigo Souza on Pexels.com

When I get too near the nest of my barn swallows, they remind me I need to back up.

Just had a client say their computer crashed and was wondering if I had a copy of some important files.  I did! 🙂 . I backed her info up on a USB.  I also backup using a software called Carbonite, so if my computer ever has a serious issue my clients won’t.

Sad related story with happy ending:  Years past I attended a church that burned down one night.  The office computer holding all the church history was consumed.  It was not backed up offsite.  However, the secretary had recently sent out contacts and other info to members.  Not only that, church leaders had meeting minutes they could share.  Regular members sent in photos of events and weddings.

The church rebuilt, got a new computer and built back their database too with the help of their congregation.

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