Cash poor no more

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I did not learn how to manage money in school.  When I opened my first checking account I had no idea how to balance it, even though statements come with an information page. Nor did I know about living within a budget.  I falsely believed I did not have enough money to do that.  Now my budget is my friendly guide to help me make better financial decisions.

Are you always feeling cash poor?  Do you need to learn to manage money better?  Here are some simple steps to help:

  1.  Write down all your assets.  Why?  Because I said so. :D. But seriously, it will help you see your net worth before you get depressed over the bill list.  Assets include the home you are buying, your car, as well as cash and savings in banks.
  2. Write down all the bills you have with a date due on them.
  3. Organize the bills by fixed vs discretionary.  Fixed will include:  utilities, rent/mortgage, car payment, loans and monthly card bills.  Discretionary would be gas, food, fun.
  4. Set some goals.  1.  To get rid of the monthly card bills. 2.  To weekly/monthly review your banking.  3.  To plan a vacation that will be paid for in advance without taking out a loan. 🙂 .

Need more help getting started?  I do remote consulting for the continental USA via phone or Skype.

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