Who needs a will?

You do…….

person uses pen on book
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

…..if you are old enough to be in the military, own property, get married, and/or have children, you should have an estate plan. Your Plan should include at least 3 documents:  a Will, a Power of Attorney and a Medical Directive.  

In order to make your plan you will need to decide who you want to put in charge of your property and any family member who may need care when you are not able.

You will also need to make a list of your assets.  That includes money in banks, 401K or IRA retirements, life insurance, real estate, and personal property like cars, trucks, boats.  If you have any special valuables they should be on a separate list.  By special I mean expensive jewelry, rare collectibles, and antiques.

Some folks try to save money on legal fees by using online Will templates.  I don’t recommend this because costly mistakes occur if the paperwork is not properly prepared. A better way to save is to make your decisions and lists before seeking legal counsel.  You can always call a law firm and ask the cost before you visit.  The costs will vary depending upon the level of paperwork involved.

Need help with the process?  Contact me for more information.


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