The Lower anxiety scheduling and money management Plan

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As I go perusing Pinterest I see a lot of Planners and Budgets.  Most are too time-consuming or confusing to be practical.

As a personal assistant and professional organizer, not only do I need to track my own calendar and expenses, but often those of my clients as well. To that end, I have created easier methods that work for me.  I share them with my clients and now with you.

 The Schedule:

  • a.  I use Google calendar with email reminders.
  • b.  I have email bank reminders for bills.
  • c.  I have a printed calendar on my desk as a visual reminder.

The Budget:

  • a.  I do an annual review of how I spent money the prior year, to plan for the future.
  • b.  I set auto pay for utilities and manditory bills such as rent/mortage.
  • c. I have a simple list of net income and expenses that show the due dates of bills in date order.
  • d.  I organize my spending by fixed and discretionary.  I can lower the descretionary when the fixed is high.  I can also plan for savings so a holiday or vacation does not run up a credit card.  I avoid credit cards, because it is so easy to forget what I spent.
  • e.  I post my debits as soon as they happen.
  • f.  I check my balances on line, daily.

These methods take less time and are easier to manage.  I can help.

Please contact My Concierge LLC if you need the lower anxiety plan.

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