Ways Not to go broke

bitcoins and u s dollar bills
Photo by David McBee on Pexels.com

It is not always possible to make more money, however, a part time job can help

Other ways to make a little extra money:

  • Bake and sell bread to friends/neighbors
  • Provide a service such as cutting hair or painting a room

Can’t do any of that?  Then look for ways to cut expenses:

  • Do you need to buy brand names?
  • Can you suspend a gym membership?
  • Try a cheaper phone/internet plan.
  • Some cable companies will agree not to raise their annual rate if they think you will change service providers.  They may even get you a better/cheaper plan.
  • If you must eat out, drink water.  Some places charge $3.00 for tea/coffee.
  • Shop your insurance.  You may not be getting the best rate.
  • Buy & cook the whole chicken.  This is more cost effective than precut parts.  It is also cheaper and healthier to cook fresh veggies.
  • Reusable cloth napkins and towels save money and trees.
  • Any ad that says only $10 a month or more is not your friend.  Especially if they want to debit your account.
  • Beauty products are less at the pharmacy than the department store.  Home sale companies may have a triple mark-up.
  • If you order online, get free shipping
  • Magazines are very expensive and full of ads.  You can read for free at the library or on the Internet.
  • Remember that charity starts at home.  Can’t pay your bills, then suspend donations until you get better cash flow.
  • Auto-pay your regular bills, like utilities, rent and only spend discretionary money from what is left.
  • Have some money go automatically into a savings account each month, even if you start with a very small amount.  Then you will be ready for the emergency car repair
  • Finally, stop using credit cards.  (I know some folks find that the hardest thing of all, but if a person wants to do better financially, this is most important)


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