Plan ahead for severe weather


frozen rearview mirror of the car
Photo by Kaboompics .com on


Prepare ahead for a power outage:

  • Is your cell phone fully charged?
  • Flashlights working?
  • Do you have enough meds, food, water?
  • Communicate with others, but keep conversations short in case someone else is trying to get through
  • Buddy up with a friend or family if your home or theirs is too cold

If you must go out:

  • Is your car equipped for an emergency with blankets, first aid and flares?
  • Clean off your car completely
  • Sweep your steps
  • Put down some ice melt on walkways
  • Hold the hand rail (never have both hands full when walking on steps or slippery surfaces)
  • If in doubt about safety, stay home.

Below is a government website with some information, but don’t depend on them for help.  We need to help each other. Check on your neighbors, especially singles and seniors.

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