Moving Songs Send Me

In the words of that lyrical bard, Dion: “Yeah, I’m the wanderer…”

We were all settled in our rental, awaiting building a new home on land we purchased.  The process was at a standstill.  I missed the joys of painting walls and having a garden.  In frustration, I was surfing the net and one day spied the cutest house.  My husband agreed. Soon we will be moving again.

Our wanderlust befuddles friends and family, but we are military brats.  Moving was just part of life growing up.  Mom said she always knew when it was time to move.  Dad would come home from work whistling a particular tune. She never named it, but she always knew the moving song. I’d like to think it was something like: “Far aways places …”

Moving is an opportunity to clean out closets, and files, to clear clutter, and to have fun with organizing new spaces. Moving make me sing. New places, new people, new adventures!

Like Ricky Nelson, “I’m a travelin’ (wo)man…”

And yes, Sam Cooke:  “You send me…”

Stay tuned for updates. (whistling with Bing now)

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