Special Challenges of Split Families dealing with money and time management during holidays

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My business target market has been small businesses, seniors and a few older singles.  Now I am hearing more about younger singles with children who need help with money  and time management.  I recently learned of a website that helps split families with kids manage money and schedules.  Grandparents may even be able to use the site.  I won’t endorse it until I learn more, but I am glad there are those resources.

Tracking reimbursable expenses, scheduling a child’s activities and sharing parenting can be extra stressful during the holidays.  Adding in inclement weather and plan changes makes things even more complicated.  Factor the situation of lack of good communication and you have a bad recipe that impacts the little innocent ones you want to provide for with lots of love.  Being better organized and a better communicator means less stress.

If you need help with scheduling there are a lot of free downloadable calendars that can be copied and shared.  If you need money tracking, attaching receipts into an Excel list may be the most cost-effective way to get reimbursed.  Scanning is also an option, but is time consuming and could be costly.

For help, please contact me.  Or if you have good ideas I would like to hear them.

My wish for you is a peaceful holiday season.

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