Preventing Falls

woman with a crutch
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When I was 30-something I was carrying a small TV up some stairs.  I lost my balance and the TV hit me in the knee on the way down.  Result:  I tore the ligaments and had to have surgery on my knee.  I am now a senior and still have to be careful with that knee.

We hear a lot about seniors and falling, but falls can happen at any age.  Many are preventable.

I found a little video clip posted below to show some steps to prevent falls.

I would like to add:

  • If you must use a ladder, have someone present to steady it.
  • Place important things you need on lower shelves.
  • Remove small slippy scatter rugs and put some rubber mats under other area rugs.
  • Clean the leaves and grass clippings off steps and walkways.
  • Put salt/ice melt on them in winter.
  • Wear shoes with good traction.
  • Be vigilant on uneven outdoor terrain
  • Socks are now made with rubber bottoms too.
  • If you are wobbly for any reason, don’t be ashamed to use a cane.
  • Be aware that the bathroom is a big fall hazard since the bath may weaken you and being wet and slippery is dangerous
  • If sitting, get up slowly to avoid dizziness
  • Hold a hand rail on the stairs.  Never have both hands so full you can’t do that.
  • Tell somebody if you are unstable so they can lend you an arm
  • Talk with senior friends about their safety

If you do fall, make sure you are okay before you try to stand.  I did not know how badly I was hurt until I tried to stand and promptly fell again.  And go to a doctor immediately, especially if your skin discolors.

For more information:  go to

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