Thanksgiving is a good time to adopt a cousin

Photo by Hillary Fox on

In times past I have participated in a lot of family events.  I have a large extended family with a lot of cousins.  It is not unusual for a gathering of 40 to appear at the annual after the holidays party held in January.  But the coolest thing about my family is they are all inclusive.  We like to adopt.  So some of the “cousins and aunts” who arrive at the variety of holiday events are not blood relatives at all.

My parents often invited strangers visiting church for the first time home for dinner.  They might be new to the community or traveling servicemen we would never see again.  But they were alone and needed a family.  Mom always made extra food, so she never had to plan ahead for the added guest.  Our extended family is the same.  I have met many new “cousins” at a family gathering.  I have a lot of fond memories and some photos of Thanksgivings past.  Those adopted relatives are in the pictures and make our family complete.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Deut. 10:19

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