Cars Keys Please

two black and brass colored keys with fob
Photo by Brett Jordan on

Learning to drive and getting the first set of car keys is a memorable event.  Giving them up is traumatic.

When should someone stop driving?

It is not as simple as “at a certain age”.  The determination depends on health and responsiblity.  Does driving cause you or others a lot of anxiety?  Your doctor and the local DMV can help with that decision.  I am not so old, but my eye doctor said I was only allowed to drive during the day.  I had to learn to let others know about my limitation and adapt my lifestyle accordingly. When someone invites me to an evening event I make sure they know I won’t be driving and I often offer to pay for gas.

Today we not only have carpool, taxis and busses, we have Uber.  And we still have our feet.  I now live in a very small town.  I can walk to most destinations.

nature woman feet legs
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