Why I am Fasting for Life

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

My mom  had extremely high bad cholesterol leading to coronary artery disease and a triple bypass at 80.  Then a stroke. My mom took so many pills I kept a list in my wallet for when we visited the ER.   Pills did not help.   My brother also had to have bypass surgery in his late 60’s.  I don’t want to ever have that procedure for several reasons:  first the recovery is very painful and long, second it is a temporary fix for a long term problem, and it is life changing, but not in a good way.

I want to tell a little more about coronary artery disease.  It does not just affect the heart.  My mom had poor circulation in her legs.  So poor if she got a bruise, it would get infected and become an open wound.  After her stroke she was in a wheel chair.  Less physical movement led to more health issues.  And a lot of falls.  She injured her back.  She developed sores on her feet that became infected.  At 85 mom died in a lot of pain, which to this day makes me sad.

I see a lot of fat Americans and I currently am one.  Not proud of that.  I am almost as old as my brother when he had his big operation.  But I am young enough to change.  I can improve my health, so when I do get older I will feel better.

I hear about a lot of sick people.  I see commercials that say cancer affects everyone.  It does not have to.  I hear about getting old coming with all kinds of problems.  It does not have to.  We can fight back by learning what is best for our long-term good health.


I am beginning with a 7-day water fast. (on day 4 as I write) Then I plan to change my eating habits.  Foods in cans or boxes are dead foods and not good for a living body.  I plan to eat the perimeter of the store and avoid dining out at places where I don’t know the content of what’s in my food.  I want homemade bread that spoils after a few days.  If the bread stays “fresh” longer it is full of preservatives, another thing not good for my body.  I believe preservatives are responsible for a lot of cancer and other sicknesses.

In order to water fast properly I have researched what the body needs.  I am now taking vitamins and supplements, sharing with family and friends on my progress.  Happily my best friend is fasting with me.  So we can encourage each other.  We pray together too.  There are many passages in the Bible about fasting.  It honors God when we fast and pray.

Both my parents lived into their 80’s so I probably will too.  I want to enjoy those years in good health. I plan to do more fasting and longer fasts for the rest of my life.  I want to stay fit, so I help others and not be a sickly burden to my family and friends.

You may have a lot of issues and a water fast may be too hard to start.  So try a juice fast and let your medical professional know what you are doing.  Try eating fresh food and cutting out processed foods.  Doctors want to give you a lot of pills, but pills don’t solve things.  While I do not advocate stopping medications, I do say we need to think about taking poisons out of the body so less pills need to go in.  (My brother told me the pills for his heart were very bad for his liver.)  The only way to remove the toxins from our system is to flush it out with water and enough exercise to cause a sweat.  As for pills, my favorite pills are fresh blueberries.

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P.S.  As a personal assistant and former home healthcare worker I have worked with people in their 90’s plus.  One sweet lady lived to be 102.  These folks ate fresh fruits and vegetables.  They got regular exercise.  They had a positive attitude.  They had faith in their Creator.

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