Overcoming Fear of Opening the Mail

I usually open my mail promptly.  Recently I received a notice from the IRS.  I waited a while before opening it.  It was nothing to worry about. But it helped me understand why some people don’t open their mail.

I help people deal with the mail.  Sometimes I open it for them and let them know most of it is nothing to worry about.  I organize it in categories:  Junk and envelopes to the trash/recycle.   Bills that need action in another pile. Things that need reading or filing like statements in a pile.

Reducing mail to three categories can keep it from becoming overwhelming:  1. Trash. 2.  Action. 3.  Filing.  Once the Trash and Filing are done, the action pile is a lot lower.

FYI I don’t get as much mail now because many bills can be emailed and paid online.  This cuts down on a lot of unnecessary paper.

If you are someone who has mail phobia, getting someone else to go through it with you can help relieve stress.

brown paper envelope on table
Photo by John-Mark Smith on Pexels.com

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