Back It Up!

I am a fan of Harry Connick Jr. Sometimes at the end of his TV show he invites the audience to come on stage and dance.  Here is a clip.


Now when I back up my computer data I do like Harry. 😀

Carbonite is a great inexpensive on-line back up company I highly recommend.  But I also save my data to an external hard drive or USB Thumb drive for extra protection.  And I carry that Thumb with me or store it off site.

I cannot over emphasize how important a good back up is.  I once attended a church where a fire destroyed the building and the computer.  However, the secretary had recently emailed the address list to members.  Other members had saved minutes and photos.  A lot of information was restored by the members sending it in, but some valuable data was lost.  So, as Harry would say, “let’s back it up!”

Need help doing that?  Ring my bell!



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