The Retirement Adjustment

I have often heard retirement is a big adjustment.  What was the BIG deal?

Now for the first time I am experiencing it up close and personal.  My husband retired in June. For a while he was working part time, so I thought the transition to all day at home would go well. Nope!  A very active guy suddenly became a couch potato with a constant line up of his favorite shows going non-stop.


closeup photo of person holding panasonic remote control in front of turned on smart television
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What to do? I found out seniors get a joining discount at the YMCA and if you join one you can visit all of them.  We are both a little happier since we found a fun thing to do, a weekly relaxing swim.

Social activity for seniors is tremendously important to stay healthy and happy.  Find your passion, find a like-minded group.  Keep moving and enjoy those years of freedom.

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